Soft Reseat An SFP On A QFX

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Sometimes a Juniper QFX switch has an issue where an SFP/SFP+ doesn't work when you first plug it in, requiring it to be removed and reinserted. And sometimes you don't find out this is necessary until after you've left the location of the QFX. Here is a way to soft remove and reinsert the SFP.

Note that this does require you to log into the PFE itself.

root@QFX5110> start shell pfe network fpc0

Switching platform (1800 Mhz Pentium processor, 511MB memory, 0KB flash)

FPC0(QFX5110 vty)# set cmqfx xcvr remove pic 0 port 11

Soft removing pic/port: 0/11!!!
[Thu Dec 12 19:59:22.910 LOG: Info] sfp-0/0/11 SFP unplugged

FPC0(QFX5110 vty)# set cmqfx xcvr insert pic 0 port 11

Soft inserting pic/port: 0/11!!!
[Thu Dec 12 20:00:06.909 LOG: Info] sfp-0/0/11 SFP plugged in

FPC0(QFX5110 vty)# exit

Immediately after you run the remove and insert commands, it will drop a whole bunch of debug information, which I skipped for brevity.

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