Automatic Config Archiving

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A Cisco router can automatically copy its config to a TFTP server when doing a write memory or on a predetermined interval. It is very handy when combined with Configure Replace.

 log config
 path tftp://$h-autoarchive-$t

$h is automatically replaced with the hostname, and $t with the timestamp.

It automatically keeps the file names of up to 15 revisions.


ROUTER#show archive
The maximum archive configurations allowed is 14.
The next archive file will be named tftp://
 Archive #  Name
   1        tftp://
   2        tftp://
   3        tftp://
   4        tftp://
   5        tftp://
   6        tftp://
   7        tftp://
   8        tftp://
   9        tftp://
   10       tftp:// <- Most Recent

At any time, you can archive your running config without saving it to the startup config:

archive config

Comparing Revisions

The device can also do a diff (compare) of two files.

show archive config differences <file1> <file2>


ROUTER#$show archive config differences tftp:// system:running-config
Loading ROUTER-autoarchive-Jun--9-15:08:47.435-EDT-17 from (via FastEthernet1): !
[OK - 14346 bytes]

Contextual Config Diffs:
+ip dhcp pool BLACKBERRY
   +client-identifier 0180.6007.5b21.8c
   +client-name blackberry
-ip dhcp pool BLACKBERRY
   -client-identifier 0180.6007.023c.2f
   -client-name blackberry