Why Not To Buy Appliances From Corbeil

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May 5 Purchased a fridge, stove, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer from Corbeil Appliances. They were scheduled to be delivered to our new house on June 28, then we move in July 4.
June 18 I received a call saying that all pieces were in, except for the dryer.
June 28, 4:00PM I called the store as no one had shown up by this point. The girl asked, "Didn't anyone call you yesterday? Your delivery window is from 6pm to 9pm."
June 28, 8:00PM I got a call from the store, saying that they weren't going to make it tonight, and they don't deliver over the weekend. Also, I would have to wait until at least Tuesday, as it's a long weekend.
June 28, 8:30PM We got a call from the delivery people saying they would be over the next morning between 8AM and 11AM.
June 29, 10:00AM The delivery guys showed up with just the fridge, stove and dishwasher. They moved the stove and dishwasher in, but couldn't get the fridge through the door, and they were convinced that removing the fridge door wouldn't help. They also didn't bring any tools to take the door off. They left it in the garage, promising to bring it through the back door when they came back with the washer and dryer. They couldn't get it there that day, as there was no sod and it had just rained. I called the store to ensure that was on record. The store also mentioned that the washer had gone missing, and they still have not received the dryer. After they left, I measured the back door, and it's 4" narrower than the front door.
July 3 They finally give up on trying to get my original washer and dryer, and agree to send me an "upgraded" set on Friday.
July 4 We have moved in to the house, and are using a cooler full of ice to keep the baby bottles cold, as the fridge is in the garage, still packed up.
July 5 3:50PM I receive a call from the delivery guy, asking if my street direction is east or west. When he arrives, I realize it was the same guy who was there the week before.
July 5, 4:00PM The washer and dryer are brought in, but they refuse to bring in the fridge as it's not on their paperwork. A quick call to the store solves it. They remove the door to the fridge and bring it in.
July 5, 4:15PM After unpacking the fridge, I realize they brought me a unit with the door that swings in the opposite direction of what I ordered. The guy offers to switch it over. In the process, he scratches the door. He also leaves the original adhesive from the GE badge on the door. Called the store and they said they will get a replacement door.
July 5, 5:00PM I start unpacking the washing machine and I realize the delivery guys didn't remove the shipping bolts from the back of the unit. The unit is incredibly heavy, and in a tiled trough, so I am unable to move it in a way to easily access the bolts. I finally have to climb in behind the unit to get the bolts out.
July 6, 10:00PM After going grocery shopping, we starting to put food into the fridge, and I noticed that the top shelves move when I put food on them. It turns out the vertical rail that shelves hook in to is not attached to the back of the fridge. The screw that holds it in place is in a stripped hole, and all that's holding the shelves up is the plastic air distributor plate at the top of the fridge. I can only put food on the door and bottom drawers at this point.
July 7, 8:00AM I unpack the dishwasher and I realize that both of the side panels have been crushed in. Probably due to stacking too high, or some side impacts. At least it's on the hidden sides...

Damaged dishwasher 1.jpgDamaged dishwasher 2.jpg

July 7, 2:30PM I call the store regarding the faulty shelves in the fridge, and I get told to call the manufacturer to set up a service call.
July 8, 9:00AM I call the fridge manufacturer, and I get told that a local repair company will contact me some time in the next two days to set up an appointment. Until then, I'm still unable to use the shelves in the fridge.
July 11 GE agreed to replace the fridge, with delivery on July 23.
July 20, 1:00PM We decided to go back to Corbeil, to see if we could just upgrade to a larger model of fridge. I was told it wasn't a problem, and I would just have to call up GE and get them to give a credit to Corbeil. Then once they receive the credit, they would be able to figure out the difference I would have to pay for the new fridge. Called GE during the morning of July 22, and they said they would have Corbeil credited that afternoon.
July 26, 10:00AM Still no word from Corbeil regarding the new fridge. I am still stuck with a fridge with unusable shelves.
July 26, 2:30PM Finally got an answer from Corbeil. It will be delivered August 3.
August 3, 7:00PM New fridge is delivered. A while after the delivery guys leave, I noticed that the stainless steel plate that surrounds the front panel controls is not secured, and is sticking out of the main door panel. Sent another email to the store.
August 4, 2:00PM Got a call back from Corbeil. They will contact the manufacturer and get them to handle it under a "hidden damage" clause.
August 6, 7:00PM Got a call from a repairman who will be heading over the next morning.
August 7, 10:00AM Fridge is now fixed.

All outstanding items are now complete.