Why Not To Buy A Greenpark House

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Issue Covered under warranty?
The railing of our deck was anchored to the wall with two plastic drywall plugs. We tore the deck down.
Complained of an apparent water leak coming in from the attic. Took them 10 days to respond. They dismissed it without even going up for a look.
The grout in part of the floor in the master ensuite was not actually grout, but plaster. Any contact with water would cause it to dissolve. They sent out two guys to fix it, but the new grout was not done right, and rubs off onto your hand if you touch it. As well, they put bright white grout down, while the grout on the rest of the floor is beige.
Excessive number of nail pops in the drywall. We probably have about 100. No exaggeration. No
Defective thermostat causing the furnace and air conditioner to cycle on and off rapidly. No
Sagging bedroom ceiling. Probably not
Towel rack fell off bathroom wall. Fixed myself
In the garage, they installed the hose bib (valve) right where the car door swings, not on the back wall like a normal hose. I was unable to park my car in the garage. Yes, but only after posting it on their Facebook wall. And they insisted that the house was designed that way, though the correct location was actually marked on the garage wall in blue spraypaint.
Hardwood floor is not tightly fit in many spots. You can see the unfinished side underneath. Probably not
Every bead of caulk on the baseboards and counter tops has split. Probably not
Many walls and ceilings do not meet at 90 degree angles. Very obvious in tiled areas, where it can be seen that the wall is not parallel to the grout lines on the floor. Probably not
The corners of most of the window and door casings were not cut to make a perfect 90 degree angle, so there is a 1mm gap in most corners. Probably not
1mm wide crack in laminate kitchen counter top, right behind the sink. They put a dab of silicone on it, with a promise to send a counter top person out to follow up. I'm not holding my breath. Update: Six months later, they are finally sending someone to replace the counter top. Update: They replaced the counter top, but the plumber broke one of the anchors under the sink while reinstalling it. This made a large gap for water to flow under the sink. We caught it after he left, and got him back in two days later to replace the sink. A while later, I noticed that the cabinet below the sink was full of water. The plumber did not tighten the connector on the sprayer hose, causing a leak.
They installed a stove electrical outlet in the laundry room, so I could not hook up the dryer. Replaced after a week
All rough-ins for phone and TV cable were just open holes in the walls, no blank plate covering. Covered myself
Phone/TV rough-ins and electrical outlets that are mounted on the same stud have a 1.5" difference in height. Probably not
Clumps in the paint. Probably not
Terrible light fixtures. Overstock from the early 80's. The builder "Monarch" puts in nice fixtures. No
About 10 kitchen cabinet doors have paint gaps along full length of the inner edges. Probably not
"Freezer" outlet in basement was installed on a 20A breaker, though only using a 15A receptacle and 14AWG wiring, which is not to code. Will get resolved myself
Furnace installed on a 20A breaker, though only using 14AWG wiring, which is not to code. Will get resolved myself
Foundation had a leak that was repaired before we bought the place. Yes, if it leaks again
All phone and cable TV wires were left with only a couple feet of slack in the basement, which is not enough to bring them to the electrical panel. This would require it to be spliced to another piece of cable to bring it to where the phone/cable company would enter the house. This can potentially cause quality issues, as well as the joins will be trapped in the ceiling when the basement is finished. No
Furnace placed in the center of the basement, a few feet away from where it was shown on the floorplan. This will make the space awkward when the basement is finished. No, because the plans are subject to change
Two cracked garage door panels from where a Greenpark employee clearly hit the door with their truck. They replaced one and tried to get away with just plastering the crack on the other. They have since replaced it, but it has not been painted to match the door. The repair guy also reused the original pieces of quarter-round that were holding the panel, even though they show very obvious damage from the pry bar he used to remove them. Update: Six months later, it is finally painted.
Lag screws in the garage doors were not tightened, to the point that the hinges started to come off. Fixed myself
Did not leave any touchup paint. They left three buckets of used, dried up paint that were missing their lids. A painter showed up and just dumped paint from his cans into some Mason jars we had. Monarch gave us full gallon cans, plus a gallon of floor varnish.
None of the bathroom tiles have any plastic edging. They simply painted the sharply cut edges. No
Drain pipes from toilets make an incredibly loud bang. Each has a pair of 135 degree bends just before the basement floor, to bring the pipe away from the exterior wall, to where the pipe passes through the basement floor. Anything substantial in the pipe falls from the upstairs toilets, down to the basement, where it hits the bend and makes a loud bang. No
Anti-backflow valve on garage hose bib caused drywall damage, due to water being ejected by pressure relief valve. They should have used one that does not spray water in all directions. Removed valve for now.
Electrical wires, water and gas pipes installed along bottom surface of joists in the basement ceiling. All will need to be moved when finishing the ceiling. No
Missing piece of quarter-round near bathtub, that the installer clearly tried to hide by putting a finishing cut on the adjacent piece. Will be covered
Finger smears left in paint of door. No
Window and door casings were clearly damaged and covered up by plaster. Probably not
The electrical panel uses obscure 0.5" wide breakers, not readily available in Canada. The only compatible breakers I can find are 1" wide, which will quickly consume the remaining positions. No
Most doors stick shut. It appears that the paint has never cured, and is still tacky. Probably not
Doors warping over time, to the point that they have to be forced shut. Maybe
Very loudly creaking stairs. Yes. Update: They did fix this one. Update: They are creaking again from a new spot.
Parging falling off on all sides of the house. Yes. Update: They did fix this one. Update: It is falling off again.
A leak in the roof filled a light fixture with water. Yes. After weeks of trying to get a hold of them, I find out that they sent out a roofer when we were not home. He went up on the roof and did the exterior repairs. No attempt to contact us about replacing the rusted fixture, painting the watermarked ceiling, or inspecting for any interior damage.
Approximately 20 cracks in the basement floor, totaling over 100 linear feet. No, as none of them are wide enough to meet warranty standards.