How To Make A Light Switch Extension For Kids

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Most light switches are out of reach for little kids. Here's an easy way to make an extension so they can reach without having to use a stool or ladder.

Lightswitch extension 01.jpg

Note that this only works with traditional light switches, not Decora style switches.

Get a long, stiff plastic ruler

I can't reiterate this enough: DO NOT USE A METAL RULER! Make sure the ruler is stiff, so when it is pushed upwards, it will flip the switch.

Cut three holes in it that match the ones shown in this picture.

Lightswitch extension 02.jpg

Unscrew the screws above and below the switch

This is how you will be mounting the extension.

Lightswitch extension 03.jpg

Assemble the screws and washers

You will need screws that are a little longer than the ones that were originally in the holes. They need to be just long enough to fit through two washers, the ruler, plus the length of the original screw. You will need one washer on each side of the ruler. This will help it slide but still remain secure.

Lightswitch extension 04.jpg

Screw in the screws

Attach the ruler to the switch using the screws. The screws need to be slightly loose, so the ruler is able to slide vertically, but it is not falling off.

Lightswitch extension 05.jpg