Better Ways The Avengers Could Have Defeated Thanos

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  • Ant-Man:
    • shrinks himself, enters Thanos' body, then expands himself, causing Thanos to explode.
    • goes inside Thanos and leaves behind an object like a steel ball with an expanding Pym particle, and Thanos explodes.
    • shrinks and puts a bomb inside of Thanos.
    • shrinks Thanos down to the atomic scale, or sends him down to the Quantum Realm for eternity.
  • Fun with portals:
    • Open a sling ring or tesseract portal inside Thanos' chest and send Mjolnir in, then watch it pop out like an alien.
    • Wong chops Thanos' head off using the sling ring cigar cutter move he used in Infinity War.
    • Loki uses the cigar cutter move using the tesseract.
    • Heimdall or Thor does the cigar cutter move using the Bifrost, like at the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok
    • Loki, Doctor Strange, or Wong transports Thanos to:
      • the surface of a star.
      • the centre of the earth
      • the surface of Venus
      • inside a black hole
  • Doctor Strange:
    • puts Thanos in a time loop like Dormammu.
    • freezes time, sticks a Groot seed in Thanos' ear or mouth, then fast forwards the seed's time by 100 years, making it grow into an adult tree, and causing Thanos to explode. (A little Orville reference there!)
    • traps Thanos in the Mirror Dimension.
    • either reverses or fast forwards time for Thanos, until he is out of existence.
  • Hulk doesn't obey Tony Stark's request to only bring people back and not prevent the birth of his daughter, and instead just wipes out Thanos from all realities, and in turn all the events caused by him. Stark will never know the difference.
  • Thor just pins him down with Mjolnir like he did to the dragon in Ragnarok.
  • Vision phases through him then unphases while inside him. That's how the first Quake game was won!
  • Loki was an illusion the whole time, and gave him an illusion tesseract.
  • Star-Lord gets the soul stone from the ghost of James Brown, the true keeper the stone. The soul stone gives him mastery of rhythm, song, and dance, which he uses to defeat Thanos in the ultimate dance off.